Rising Sophomore Realizes Jerry Falwell Library Contains Books


LYNCHBURG, VA – A rising and undeclared sophomore at Liberty University reportedly realized for the first time Tuesday that the Jerry Falwell Library contains books.

Sam Walker, a 19-year-old native of Charlotte, NC, was confused to discover large shelving structures that contained rows of books holding vast and rare knowledge within the building that he hangs out in during the week. He was lead straight into them while searching for a Pokémon that his phone indicated was nearby.

“It was cool to see I guess,” Walker recalled. “I just come here to hang with friends and stuff because it kind of feels like a mall, especially with those soft pretzels downstairs. I walked straight into this big shelf with books on it while I was looking for a Weedle.”

Walker was reportedly disinterested in his discovery, claiming that he “never liked to read” and that “Netflix is my reading.”


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