David Nasser Creates New Social Media Platform, “LeanedIn”


SILICON VALLEY, CA – Pastor David Nasser of Liberty University has created LeanedIn, a social media platform designed to connect Christian millennials in intense and meaningful community.

The platform allows you to scroll by one post per five minutes, causing the user to really “lean in” on the life event that their brother or sister in Christ has posted.  This will allow users to move easily from “rows to circles.”

The user interface includes being able to “champion” posts that you enjoy, wage both “air war and ground war” against posts that are divisive, and create “communities” of people who share similar interests.

“I’ve never leaned into somebody so closely through social media before,” avid LU Crushes user Chrissy Foster said. “I stared at my spiritual brother’s selfie for five minutes, and I felt such a strong community between us. I was so nervous to do it, but I finally championed it – I hope he noticed!”

A future feature is rumored to automatically generate and display quips from today’s most influential Christian leaders, which can then be championed by the user.

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