Female Student Claims “Evangelical Dating” as Spiritual Gift


LYNCHBURG, VA – During a student leadership interview, rising sophomore Samantha Henderson, 18, told David Wheeler that her number one spiritual gift was evangelical dating.

Wheeler immediately expressed his perplexity. After considering his love for a good romantic match, though, he decided to hear Henderson out.

“I have seen 17 people come to Christ because of my obedience to the Lord,” Henderson enthusiastically said. “I couldn’t get the other four or five guys to budge, but you can’t win them all, right?”

Upon Wheeler asking for Biblical justification for this being her gift, Henderson quickly flexed her knowledge of the Scriptures.

“I know that there is a verse about not being unequally yoked,” Henderson recalled. “But I think that’s talking about eggs or something. It’s probably one of those Old Testament verses that you can’t take literally.”

Upon being accepted to student leadership on the spot, Henderson shared that she already had “Three or four guys lined up” and how “God has really laid them on my heart.”

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