Campus Community: Nasser to Begin 4-year Study Through Philemon


LYNCHBURG, VA  – After finishing an exegetical sermon series on Galatians in record time, pastor David Nasser announced Monday his plan for a 4-year study through the New Testament book of Philemon.

Philemon is nearly the shortest book in the Bible, and Nasser expressed his concern with completing it in only four years.

“There are 25 verses in Philemon, and four years of campus community is about 128 sessions, so we’re really going to have to book it,” Nasser noted. “But then again, if I learned anything from the less-than-ideal response from the students about the Galatians series, it’s that I’ve got to take it slow – really give them time to lean in on the Word.”

Mathematic majors at the university report that Nasser will be covering three-and-a-half words every Wednesday, a drastic improvement from the six-and-three-quarters words per Wednesday that constituted the Galatians series.

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