Ken Bone Subs for Dr. Van Engen, Class Doesn’t Notice

Ken Bone FINAL.png

LYNCHBURG, VA -Earlier today, students remained oblivious to the fact that Ken Bone taught their BWVW I class in place of Dr. Van Engen.

Bone, flaunting a cozy red sweater, continued through the material on assessing the differences between worldviews. Students reportedly noted how they felt the class dynamic was a little off.

“I’ve never seen Dr. Van Engen wear that sweater,” a freshman noted. “But other than that, he looked the same as he always has.”

Regardless of the notion that something was amiss, students continued to play on their phones, sharing memes about a funny man in a red sweater who apparently appeared on some important TV broadcast.

Bone concluded the class period by flashing a meager yet inviting smile and encouraging the political participation of the student body.

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