Bear Grylls to Lead Search for Missing Seniors on 4th Floor DeMoss


LYNCHBURG, VA – Liberty University has contracted Bear Grylls, an honorary lieutenant colonel in the Royal Marines Reserve and a TV superstar, to lead a search and rescue operation with the goal of finding three seniors who are reportedly lost in the labyrinth that is DeMoss Hall’s fourth floor.

Authorities say that Logan Vlandis, Travis Henderson and Seth Scott wandered too far up the University Blvd. staircase of the DeMoss building and entered a terrain in which they were ill prepared to navigate. The sign postage is useless, and once a traveler loses sight of the elevators, as the boys had, chances of survival plummet to despairing levels.

After assessing the dismal situation, Grylls gathered together his search team along with a small camera crew in case the expedition provided stirring footage for a special episode of Man vs. Wild.

“It’s not a promising situation,” Grylls explained to the camera. “The lads have been missing for two days, and in these disorienting conditions, you can go mad in much less time. Plus, without receiving essential vitamins from the Rot and their other accustomed food sources, malnutrition is bound to rear its ugly head.”

Against all odds, search efforts proved successful. The three students were found in dilapidated clothes, huddled in a corner around a fire burning next to a snack machine that they had broken into.

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