Liberty Invites Lucifer to Convo


LYNCHBURG, VA – Liberty University has prided itself of late by inviting speakers to convocation who hold different worldviews than those espoused by the university, all in the name of diversity.

Their latest attempt to legitimize their brand to the world involved updating the Fall 2016 Convocation speaker schedule by inviting Lucifer, the son of the morning, to address the student body.

“We want the students to hear from all kinds of people,” pastor David Nasser said. “We may not agree with all of our guest’s ideas, but we can still treat them with respect and at the same time we’ll get more respect from society. I’m sure the students will be surprised by how much good they can learn from people like the father of lies.”

Students are reporting their unease about the scheduling shift. They do, however, have practice filtering information they receive in convo, considering they have listened to challengers of sound Christian doctrine like Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Steven Furtick.


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