Chaos: Everyone’s Language Confused at Freedom Tower Construction Site


LYNCHBURG, VA – Turmoil of Biblical proportions ensued earlier today after the languages were scrambled of all of the workers at the Freedom Tower construction site, sources say.

It was business as usual as the construction crew carried out the university’s plan to build the tallest tower in all the land.

Suddenly, a bright flash of light was followed by a resounding voice saying, “I oppress the proud.” Everyone’s language was immediately confused, ceasing all meaningful collusion and conversation.

A shaken-up crew member testified to the event:

“One second I was talking about structural integrity concerns for when the tower reaches the mesosphere. Then the flash…and the voice…oh the voice! No one understood anyone after the voice!”

Gradually, crew members found people who they understood. These groups gathered together, dispersed across the globe, were fruitful, and multiplied.

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