Student Returning from Break Forgets to Pack Ambition | The Flaming Bugle


CHARLESTON, SC – After a month-long holiday break of sleeping, eating, Netflix, and eating had come to an unwelcomed close, a local student begrudgingly packed up his stuff to return to school, all the while suspecting that something crucial was missing.

Twenty-one-year-old Jon Clark tossed necessities into his suitcase – beloved t-shirts, some clean socks, an overly familiar gaming controller and a newly-strung tennis racket.

After packing, an event that required the mustering of the most concentration in the previous 30 days, Clark sat on his staircase and acknowledged the nagging feeling in the back of his mind. He couldn’t help but suspect that he was forgetting something essential, something that would determine the outcome of his college career.

Unbeknownst to Clark, he had forgotten to pack his ambition, a reportedly necessary attribute in order to succeed at higher education.

“I feel like I may be forgetting something,” Clark mumbled to himself. “Ah well. If I am, I’m sure mom can ship it. And besides, if it was important, I’d definitely realize I was forgetting it.”

At publishing time, Clark had returned to campus and still hadn’t realized that he left his ambition back home. Unconfirmed sources say that he has in fact consistently forgotten to bring any ambition to school for the past three years.

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