Female Student Wearing Yoga Pants Insists on Being Christian


A sassy sophomore on Liberty University’s campus claimed Thursday that she was a follower of Jesus Christ while she wore a pair of yoga pants.

Nicole Horne, 19, reportedly committed to becoming a disciple of Christ and emanating a life of modest virtue at three years old. She’s heard the controversial question concerning if a woman committed to putting others above herself, removing stumbling blocks from their spiritual family’s path, and having an unworldly sense of humility should wear skin-tight pants.

When asked to justify wearing clothes that directly appeal to America’s hyper-sexual culture and that undoubtedly cause men to lust, Horne paused the episode of Gossip Girl that she was streaming on her phone and gave a frustrated reply.

“I don’t get why people think there’s a problem with me being a Christian and also wearing pants that reveal every curve of my body – stop trying to judge my faith by my actions!”

Horne continued on to say:

“I can wear whatever I want! People can’t tell me what to do with my body.  And besides, it’s the guy’s job to have some self control and not look at me like an object.”

When asked if she thought that it may be worth it to sacrifice her right to dress a certain way in the name of caring for the thought lives of the God-fearing men around her, she showed further signs of frustration and said something about not being able to “even.”

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