LU Send Accepting Applications for Short-Term Mission Trip to Lynchburg College

lu-send-lcLYNCHBURG, VA – LU Send excitedly announced earlier today that applications are now being accepted for a short-term missions trip intended to minister to the poor and confused souls on Lynchburg College’s campus.

Several students are reporting their excitement and determination to take advantage of this opportunity to abandon all they’ve ever known and venture into strange lands for the sake of the gospel.

“I just know that the harvest is so plentiful there,” a sincere global missions students said as she filled in her credentials on the online form. “I’ve heard that the natives’ immune systems are stronger than ours who live in modern and clean environments. Luckily, I got my rabies and diphtheria vaccines just in time to qualify.”

“My parents told me that I shouldn’t go,” a junior said as he looked sternly down at his hands in his lap. “They said something about the water making people sick and the dangerous turmoil from the corrupt local government. But Jesus said I’d even have to abandon family ties for His sake, so I’m signing up anyway.”

The trip will accommodate for 15 volunteers in total. Approved applicants will have successfully completed three rounds of interviews and will then begin cultural training so as to familiarize themselves with the strange local customs of the area.

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