Cookout To Install Pews To Accommodate For Prayer Groups

WARDS ROAD – The Lynchburg Cook Out franchise has announced plans to install five-person wooden pews to accommodate for the increasing number of Liberty University prayer groups that choose the fast food chain as a place to share their heart’s burdens, confess their sins, and approach the Lord of Hosts on His throne.

“We’re happy to serve our religious college patrons in any way possible,” regional manager Stew Wallace said. “The team at our Lynchburg location is thrilled that the students would choose our restaurant as a place to further their sanctification.”

Student excitement is reportedly high at the idea of enjoying a milkshake with their friends while also presenting communal prayers of supplication to the Creator of the cosmos.

In other news, JoJo’s Pizza, an Italian eatery adjacent to Lynchburg College, announced plans to construct a hookah bar in their parking lot so as to accommodate for the merriments of their own neighboring college patrons.

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