Liberty’s Awkward Homeschooled Girls


Why are all Liberty girls homeschooled and socially awkward? – Anonymous


You don’t talk to many girls, do you?

You’re not out and about very much, are you?

You enjoy the confines of your dorm room, don’t you?

If not, then you’d never even have such a question come to mind, because the fact is that most girls on campus are not awkward homeschoolers.

And since such a question did come to your mind, all of our assumptions must be true. And you know what kind of person doesn’t talk to many girls, doesn’t get out and about, and likes to remain in their room?

Homeschooled boys.

So you’re a homeschooled boy lamenting the awkwardness of your fellow kindred. Hey, hypocrisy is a real thing and we get that.

But we know what you’re saying – it is genuinely frustrating to continuously meet people who don’t meet your expectations of normal behavior, as is clearly your predicament. It seems like, then, the real question you’re asking is, “How can I meet girls that I emotionally jive with?”

It works like this – you have your daily routines and activities that causes your path to cross with new people’s paths. Certain activities will make you cross paths with more people than other activities will. So you can either keep doing your routine and maybe meet a gospel fox that way, or you can adopt more routines so you meet more people so you meet that special lady even faster.

You could participate with your bro/sis dorm more. You could make it a habit to introduce yourself to strangers that you regularly see. You could join a club that’s relevant to your degree.

Take heart, anonymous homeschooled boy. If statistics hold true and you put yourself in the right routines, you’ll be jivin’ with a gospel fox in no time.

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