Why are students throwing bananas on top of the Rot?

Ask the Bugle: Issue 3


“What’s up with the bananas on top of the Rot? Why are students throwing them up there?” – Logan


Logan, we figure there are a number of reasons why students may be throwing produce on top of the Rot. Here are a few casual guesses.

  • They may be trying to communicate with the spirit of Harambe through a kind of sacrificial offering. (We all know what happened to that one guy who gave fruit as an offering, right?)
  • They’re romantically frustrated and have no other ideas on how to take out that frustration. (Hey, if that’s what you do to take out your frustration, no wonder nobody wants to be with you.)
  • They’re so mindlessly consumed by entertainment culture that they’ve lost any sense of virtue like respect, thoughtfulness or prudence.
  • The students are so individualistic that they can’t even comprehend that someone else has to clean up after them.
  • They are uncultured to the point that they have no idea that there are places in this world where food is so scarce that they would be physically harmed for doing something so wasteful.
  • They have nothing better to do as they head to their collegiate dorms to spend the rest of their day binging on Netflix.

Whatever the reason really is, it doesn’t justify the blatant wasting of food, the degradation of property and the effort needed to get them off the roof.

To see students doing something so mindless and immature only enforces the fact that there is a portion of Liberty’s student body who still needs babying with strict rules. Us at the Bugle kindly suggest that you grow up.

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