Convo Questions Posed To Steph Curry Stolen From Freshman’s First Date Notes

LIBERTY UNIVERSITY – Sources say that the questions posed earlier today to Steph Curry, husband to celebrity chef Ayesha Curry, were stolen from a local freshman’s personal notes that he had written in preparation for a first date that he scored for this upcoming weekend.

After reading from his meticulously planned notes and practicing them in the mirror on his first floor Circle dorm, Ben Gray, 18, set the paper down near his open window to recite the conversation starters from memory. When he went to grab them after getting stuck on the topic of television shows, they had disappeared.

The stolen surface level questions that were intended to fill any awkward silences during the date but were instead posed to Curry included preference of breakfast cereals and Netflix shows.

Masses of students reported their disappointment from not hearing any meaningful questions posed, like how to handle mass amounts of wealth or how to navigate being a disciple of Christ in a secularized sports industry.

Gray has since authored new questions and has high hopes for his romantic weekend, sources say.

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