Op-ed: Taking Online Quizzes With Friends Is Not Cheating

An opinion piece submission:

I’m sick of when people say that taking online quizzes with my friends is “cheating.” They’re basically calling me a sinner, but even if it was sinning, they’re not even suppose to judge me.

Everyone knows that cheating is when you’re in class and take answers from your neighbor’s Scantron, if they’re one of those smart kids anyway. When I take my EVAN 101 quizzes online with my friend, we’re not even doing that. Cheating is when you take answers from someone, but my friend and I share answers, so it’s fine.

Besides, when I take a quiz with someone, we get better grades because we can help each other out with questions that we don’t know. If I’m suppose to be a good student, Jesus would want me to have good grades.

So just stop trying to tell me that I’m “ignoring the heart of the matter,” or that I’m “not saturated with the Scriptures,” or that “a disciple of Christ would mourn at the thought of cheating, regardless of the magnitude of the action.” Like, what even is “magnitude”?

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