What Do The Mosaic Hearts Around Campus Mean?


“I’ve seen these mosaic hearts everywhere…do you guys have any idea what they mean?” – Seth


You’ve come to the right place, Seth. We’ve got the inside scoop on exactly what those hearts mean.

They are the beginning of a campaign being launched by Innovations, a student-run marketing and public relations club. That heart is the logo for this campaign, entitled, “You aren’t what you think. You are what you love.”

The campaign is promoting an event happening here on campus at the new concert hall on Thursday, March 30.

James K.A. Smith, a quick-witted author who has been making serious waves in Christian circles, is speaking at the music hall. The title of his talk is “You Are What You Love: Why Worship is the Heart of Discipleship.”

It’s a pretty ambiguous title, but I have to say, after reading for myself You Are What You Love (the book the talk is based on), I couldn’t agree with it more.

Smith will be sharing how human beings are not strictly thinking things. He asserts that we are primarily lovers – we are beings of longings, desires and wants.

When we understand ourselves as creatures of love, our eyes are opened to understanding how the day-to-day things we do actually do something to us. We are training our loves to long for kingdoms that may not be the Kingdom of Heaven.

The eerie part is, you might not love what you think.

Smith explains the incredible implications in a much more colorful and interesting way than I can, so you’ll have to go to the public event for yourself to find out more.

You must have a ticket for entrance. You can get them for free at Religion Hall 101 or at a Student Activities office (Montview 2760 or GH 2900).

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