Liberty Student Body Relieved To Have Such Controversial Commencement Speaker

LYNCHBURG – The Liberty University student body announced their enormous relief earlier this week after hearing the announcement that President Donald Trump, arguably the most controversial and divisive public figure on campus, will be addressing the graduating class of 2017 at their commencement ceremony.

“Thank goodness we didn’t invite some person who the majority of seniors and their families would be content with hearing,” student Sam Scott said. “I’m just glad that the higher-ups chose someone who would make a statement to the public at large rather than someone who would meet the desires of the graduating student body.”

There are some students who say that it’s an honor to have a president visit the university at all, regardless of who the individual actually is. When asked if they would be honored to have Kim Jong-un, the notable and powerful leadership figure of North Korea, address the graduates, they refused to comment.

Apart from this fringe sentiment, the majority consensus is a general sense of relief that Liberty’s contentious association with President Trump continues to drag on past the election season.

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