How to Turn Your Bro/Sis Event Into a Matchmaking Extravaganza

The brother/sister dorm setup at Liberty University undoubtedly fosters an atmosphere of love. But at the same time, it could be easy to miss the opportunity to leverage that atmosphere to create the maximum number of awkward romances.

Here are some tips that you can use to ensure that your co-ed events result in as many ambiguous romantic relationships as possible.

Plan Outdoor Events

Try and make sure your event will take place outdoors – think outside the box, like hiking or apple picking. Studies suggest that women can’t resist a man who is thriving in nature. And for the ladies, this is the perfect chance to pull off that flirty-not-dirty look with the yoga pants and plaid flannel tied around the waist.

Recruit the Minimum Amount of Drivers

Carpool with the fewest vehicles possible. Really cram your fellow classmates in the minimum number of cars. This allows students to foster romantic feelings by crossing physical barriers that would otherwise earn them reps.

Leverage the Tailgate

The tailgate is the classic event, and it has so much potential to offer! Try requiring participation in a co-ed three-legged race. Also, men should leverage the opportunity to display their burger-grilling skills. Additionally, this is the perfect opportunity for the girls to show off their baking skills by taking cookies from the Rot and presenting them as if they baked them in their Circle dorm.

Ideal Leadership Relationships

This last one is for hall leadership and is a little more complex, but completely worth the juicy results (relationships will be forming left and right before you can get back to the bottom of McAfee’s Knob.)

Leadership should set a romantic bar by either being in a relationship with the other sibling dorm’s leadership or by faking being in a relationship with the other sibling dorm’s leadership. After achieving this, make every effort to not be too lovey-dovey during the event, so as to set an example that you can be in a committed relationship but also care for your sheep.

NOTE: It’s important to make sure that everyone knows you’re purposefully avoiding your partner in the name of social involvement. This will make you look holy and it will make everyone else aspire to get in a relationship ASAP.

Try out these tactics and watch the magic unfold!

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