Local Student Irritated at Opportunity to Positively Influence CFAW

LIBERTY CAMPUS – A local Christian student is reportedly very upset at her opportunity to positively influence the CFAW guest staying with her.

Sarah Cleaver, 19, is hosting one 11th grade girl in her dormroom. The guest is eager to attend Cleaver’s classes and social outings to learn how college students act at Liberty University. Any observations will result in the guest consciously and subconsciously learning if Christian students are distinguishable from unbelieving students.

Cleaver, however, expresses her irritation at the fact that she has a fresh chance to be the image of Christ to a person who is purposefully watching her actions.

“Yeah I’m a Christian,” Cleaver affirmed. “But having an impressionable teenager watch my lifestyle for two days? Um, no thanks. I’ve got better things to do than sacrifice a little comfort to make an eternal impact in the life of another human.”

When asked how important discipleship was to her Christian faith, Cleaver responded by asking, “What’s discipleship?”

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