How to Finish The Semester Strong as a College Student

Crunch time for college students is here once again – a season of shameless coffee consumption and exaggerated hardships.

Fortunately for you, what follows are some stellar tips that should help you succeed during this emotionally taxing time as you panic about completing that 1,000 word essay and studying for your cumulative 200-level exams.

  • Find a place on campus where you can remain uninterrupted as you focus on binge watching 13 Reasons Why.
  • Buy or rent your textbooks, as now is a pretty important time to know what they have to say.
  • Whenever you’re working at a table, keep your phone facing up so that you can see every notification. Scientists say that keeping your brain on its toes by switching back and forth between reading and texting is a great way to retain information.
  • Get ample amounts of sleep during class so that you can stay up late with your friends.
  • Ask out that total hottie you’ve been eyeing all semester. New relationships flourish during finals stress.
  • Did you fill in three of the same Scantron answers in a row? That can’t be right. Erase everything and start over.
  • Reward yourself for every milestone of reading that you reach (say, every paragraph) with a 15 minute social media session.

We hope these tidbits help you reach your academic goals! Just remember that Jewish leaders had the entire Old Testament memorized, Abraham Lincoln passed the BAR exam without attending school, and Stephen Wiltshire sketched an 18-foot rendition of the NYC skyline from memory after flying over it for 20 minutes.

All that is to say, you really can’t ask yourself to know the entire final section of Philosophy 201 very well.

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