Bus Driver Rick to Pilot New Route to Heaven

THE PEARLY GATES – Beloved 70 Express bus driver, Rick “Bus Driver Rick” Edwards, is projected to begin piloting the new 77 bus route that will transport passengers between the School of Music and Heaven, official sources say.

The route is designed to give worship students more direct access to the Throne Room so they can run their melodic ditties and chord progressions by the King of Kings for approval.

Edwards is reportedly characteristically ecstatic at the opportunity to serve the student body in such a divine way.

“I’m here to make my students’ days a little brighter, and that will be all the easier considering how close we’ll be passing by the sun,” Edwards said with the kindest and most genuine demeanor known to mankind.

“I’ve always said my job is ‘out of this world,’ and now it really is!” Edwards concluded, following his statement with a hearty, good-natured laugh that undoubtedly ended minor skirmishes in distant countries or reconciled several relationships in broken homes.

Just prior to publishing time, Edwards expressed how much the scenery from the new route would amp up his Twitter game.

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