Cat Playing on Keyboard Inadvertently Earns ‘A’ for Discussion Board Post

TOPEKA, KANSAS – Earlier today, an LU online student who left their desktop unoccupied earned an ‘A’ on her discussion board after its accidental authorship and submission by Mr. Frizzles, people familiar with the matter say.

While online student Cheryll Brown prepared a cup of tea away from her desktop, Mr. Frizzles, an American Shorthair, seized the opportunity to frolic atop the abandoned keyboard. As the unlikely scholar rolled around in delight, he unknowingly entered incoherent babble into the discussion board textbox.

At the completion of his final glorious roll and toss of the tail, he submitted the post.

Upon Cheryll’s return, as she shooed her furry friend away, she noticed a new grade available on Blackboard, and saw a near-perfect score for a discussion board she apparently submitted already.

The comment from the online professor read:

“Cheryll, insightful remarks on the subject. Don’t forget proper citation next time.”

Cheryll was shocked at the grade received for such ramble, but saw no need to alert the professor and re-submit the assignment, risking a lower grade.

At publishing time, fellow online classmates had begun responding to the post, communicating their hearty agreement with the ideas presented.

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