Liberty Feature Film to Focus on Firefighter Prophet Who Foretold Trump’s Presidency

Disclaimer: This is not a satirical piece.*

LYNCHBURG, VA – The Liberty University School of Cinematic Arts announced to junior students early this week that the program will be producing a feature film centered on the story of a self-proclaimed political prophet who received oracles from God predicting Donald Trump’s election and other political events in favor of some conservative agendas.

The alleged prophet, Mark Taylor, is a charismatic Christian and an ex-firefighter from central Florida. He claims to have received a revelation from God in 2011 foretelling Donald Trump’s presidency. He has since published several other prophecies that can be accessed in his book and from many published podcasts and skype and audio interviews.

The feature film entitled “Commander” will be optional to work on, according to an LU official. A film student reported that there are two short films that were originally planned for the students to produce, and they will probably still act as an option to choose. There remains much uncertainty on how the film will portray Taylor and his book.

Throughout Taylor’s content, he implicitly makes synonymous “God’s army” with the politically conservative. His prophecies, if in fact received from the Lord, reveal that Heaven rallies behind a decidedly Republican, conservative and American banner.

While appearing on an episode with the Charisma Podcast Network, Taylor recalls one such prophecy. He frames it as a response to America fearing that the Obama administration would elect a liberal court justice after the death of Antonin Scalia. It reads:

“Do not fear that Scalia has been taken, because this has been reserved for my anointed, Donald Trump. He will be the one who appoints Scalia’s replacement.”

In one alleged word from God, Taylor was told, “Victory for the righteous is judgment on the wicked.” The context around the prophecy insinuates that Trump and his supporters are synonymous with “the righteous” while the Obama administration and company are “the wicked.”

Many students are upset to have their educational institution associated with Taylor, as his claims are understood as fringey, outlandish and perhaps in opposition with many’s understanding of Biblical principles. So far, student opposition has materialized in the form of an online petition.

Confirmation of the film’s October launch date has been given from the school. It is planned to release in 1,200 theaters nationally, according to the News & Advance story released Friday.

*This is an account of the current state of things as we understand them. Even though this is not satire, we think there’s a good bit of humor to be derived from the absurdity of the truth.

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