Foles’ Online Prof. Refuses to Count Trophy Ceremony as Valid Reason for Assignment Extension

MINNEAPOLIS – In a correspondence with his LU Online professor during the wee Monday morning hours, Nick Foles was instructed that being the recipient of the Vince Lombardi Trophy during the Super Bowl LII award ceremony was not a valid reason to be granted an extension on his discussion board post.

“I’m sorry, Nick,” his divinity professor communicated in the email. “You had all week to complete the discussion board, and it would be unfair to your classmates if I granted you an extension for a frivolous reason. Next time, make sure to plan ahead on your assignments when you know you’re going to have a busy week.”

Foles is projected to receive at least a 20% penalty to his post’s grade, but anticipates getting his two 150 word replies submitted on time.


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