Global Focus Week Report: 59% of Students Surprised to Hear Other Countries Exist

LYNCHBURG – A survey administered late during Liberty’s Global Focus week revealed that a majority of the student body was somewhat surprised to hear that countries other than the United States exist.

One student questioned why every flag around the concourse of Vines Center didn’t have stripes and stars on them. When told that each distinct design represented a nation that wasn’t the U.S., a slightly bewildered expression took over their face.

“So there are entire nations and cultures that approach reality from a fundamentally different perspective than me?” one suspicious student asked. “Huh. That’s cool I guess.”

Survey responses from students revealed further international confusion:

“The Middle East? Isn’t that, like, a shopping mall or something?”

“South America is where Florida and Texas are, right?”

“I’ve always wanted to go to the West Coast to see China, but my car only gets about 18 miles per gallon.”

At publishing time, awareness and appreciation were slowly yet fortunately growing for other nations.

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