Global Fusion Serving Fried Chicken

THE ROT – Global Fusion, a food station in the Reber Thomas Dining Hall tasked to serve niche dishes from around the world in an effort to introduce exotic flavors to the student body, is serving fried chicken.

Often served with mashed potatoes or mac ‘n cheese, the deep-fried delicacy takes daring and adventurous souls to the international destination of the southern United States.

Without so much as even getting on a plane, students’ taste buds are transported to exoctic and mysterious regions of the globe like Georgia or North Carolina. Sources confirm that just one taste will make pseudo-travelers feel like they’ve explored all corners of the earth (caution, risk of jet lag!).  

One student praised the dish by saying:

“It’s like I hopped on an international flight and had to emergency land next to a KFC in North Carolina.”

Without a doubt, a proper plate of fried chicken from Global Fusion will be equivalent to going on a rousing expedition to the furthest recesses of planet earth.  

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