Mobs, Droves of Eager Students Attend Assessment Day Sessions to Benefit their Programs

LIBERTY – Earlier today, droves of thousands of Liberty University students eagerly attended their respective program’s Assessment Day focus groups and meetings in a selfless effort to give valuable feedback for the benefit of the program, sources say.

With minds that realized that “someone else” actually won’t take their place and attend the feedback sessions, each student in the multitude accepted that it is indeed their individual yet collective responsibility to better the institution.

“It was an incredible scene,” one psychology professor said. “Hosts of students who actually care just came swarming into the offices, all wholeheartedly desiring to play their small yet paramount part in letting us know how we are doing. We couldn’t house everyone – we had to move things to the lawn! ”

Meanwhile, a very few select students took advantage of A-Day by staying in bed and poking away at their phones while Netflix played in the background.

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