Laurel, Yanny Reach for Same Diploma After Hearing their Own Name at Ceremony

LIBERTY – Moments ago at Liberty University’s School of Business diploma ceremony, graduates Laurel Scottsdale and Yanny Sandrada both approached the stage after reportedly hearing their own name called to receive a diploma.

Laurel and Yanny exchanged curious and challenging glances as they arrived at the stairs leading up to the stage. Upon a second calling of the name, both were still convinced it was their own. Bickering ensued.

One audience member recalls the ceremony-wide confusion.

“It’s like half the audience heard ‘Laurel’ and the other half heard ‘Yanny,’ Logan Sneed recounted. “People started screaming what name they heard and then they started saturating social media with it as if anyone cared. It was absolute mayhem.”

The ceremony will reportedly not commence until an Instagram poll definitively determines what name is actually being read.