Innovative Liberty Entrepreneur Kicks Off Honest Career by Copy/Pasting Rookie’s

BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA – On Memorial Day weekend a creative Liberty business student jump-started his honest career by opening  up a cookie-ice cream trailer that strikingly resembles Rookie’s, the hit Lynchburg dessert destination dreamt up and launched by a local couple.

The curiously named Blue Deer Cookies features siding, trim, hours of operation, menu, packaging, flavors, strung lights, and picnic tables nearly identical to that of Rookie’s. Sources surmise that it must have taken an unprecedented amount of effort and ingenuity for the imaginative student to think up how best to duplicate, piece by piece, the current successful food trailer.

“The sheer effort required to accomplish such an innovative feat – it’s mind boggling,” speculated a local student. “Good for him though! What better way to begin a career than by duplicating a successful business to the T and claiming creativity and hard work?”

Photo comparison reveals the incredible innovation and ingenuity that went into creating a carbon-copy version of Rookie’s. (Rookie’s pictured left; Blue Deer, right.)







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