The Flaming Bugle is a satirical and humorous news initiative authored by students who are familiar with the themes and nuances of campus life at Liberty University.

The stories are meant to be good-natured fun. Some posts are solely based on wit, wordplay, and the extension of subtle yet popular themes. Other stories are more satirical in nature and criticize ideologies that the site and submission authors deem ignoble.

Want to be published by the Bugle? Send in your submission to TFBugle@gmail.com to have our editors review your work. Ensure that the e-mail’s subject begins with “Submission.”

The ideal story is between 150 and 250 words. If we think it fits the Bugle’s vision, we’ll let you know when it will be published. Please indicate your preference on whether or not you’d like to be acknowledged as the author.

If it doesn’t have quite the “umph” we’re looking for, we may not send a reply – but do not be dismayed! We appreciate all submissions and want to read every idea that you create.

Please note that submitting content to the Bugle signifies your handing over of all rights to the content. Desirable stories can be altered by the Bugle’s team to ensure that they have the exact voice that we’re committed to and are roughly formatted to a news story literature style.